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From 2002, we started building software and applications. We made products for Health, Education, Account and Office.

We have aimed to be one of the best Software Company of Nepal.

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With a concrete aim to catapult the growing prospect of Information and Communication Technology in Nepal, Softech Infosys is established in 2002 as a privately owned company. Softech provides the qualitative deliverables in system analysis, software design and development, mobile application development, e-commerce design and development, web design and development, System implementation and support, ICT training, IT consultancy, and others as and when base time-to-time assignments.

We came here to contribute to digitizing Nepal, and since establishment, we have successfully provided our software and e-governance services and products to various sectors of the pillars of development, including the government, non-government and private sectors of Nepal. In fact, our client portfolio includes schools, institutes, industries, banks, companies, I/NGOs, various Government of Nepal bodies, and up to the individuals.

Moreover, we adhere to the fact that we own a vision to act with our valued clients to promulgate
higher customer satisfaction under superior professionalism.

Software Development

We make software for all kinds of business and office uses.

Not only Office Automation or Human Resource but Electronic Government Accounting System, Hospital and Academic Management System are the main products of Softech Infosys, Nepal.

Web Development

Softech Infosys Pvt. Ltd. welcomes you with a bouquet of professional Web ApplicationSoftware services and promises to partner you through to a new level of functional excellence.

We are a Nepal based Software Company located in Kathmandu with a national presence.

Security & Network

Softech provides software and application which are very secured.

Our account software is the first government accounting software which has a great impact on the market.

Similarly, all other software are tested in terms of security. We ensure your security being a software company in Nepal.

This Is Us

Softech Infosys and the company are known best for their work and service they provide. The team take three major elements as their main weapon.

For the purpose of best software service, Softech is always there for all.

Similarly, all other software are tested in terms of security. we will always work as the best software company in Nepal.

Here’s who we’ve helped so far

During the years, our company have connected with amazing clients to enable them with robust web and software applications to which has delivered outstanding results for their businesses.

Our efforts and dedication helped many of our clients and they consider us as the best software company in Nepal.

Stuff we did

While we can’t show you the iceberg of work that is our process or technology we used, Here’s a shiny bits that breach the surface.

Here’s our portfolio of few of our best desktop and web projects as a software company.

Tell us your Ideas or problems

We as a software company would like to solve problems and innovate the best for you. Come let’s work together with technology to automate your problems and empower your business. Softech is always for you and your company. We and our company consider clients as a precious element.

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Softech Infosys Pvt. Ltd. has been continuously assisting governmental, non-governmental and private sector organizations in achieving their goals and objectives through the development and implementation of information technology in Nepal since past 18 years. Softech Infosys has played a strong role for establishing good governance through implementing the Information Technology Policy of the Government of Nepal and establishing good governance through rule of law, corruption Free State, efficient administration, transparency, easy and fast public service delivery without discrimination and efficient management of resources. Using our ICT tools helps make the right decision at the right time.I believe that it will prove to be a stepping stone to face the challenges of development created in a country with such regional disparities.

Bhubaneshwor Sharma

Managing Director, Softech Infosys

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