Billing and Ticketing System

Billing and Ticketing System

Our company provides billing and ticketing system. This system is available for both web and desktop. The organization will be able to generate custom tickets and invoices. The user can also create various services, charities, schemes and many more.

Services and Features of Billing and Ticketing System

Custom Tickets:

The billing system of Softech Infosys will help to create custom tickets. There may occur a kind of situation in which you have to create a new kind of ticket.

For example: In April 2015 Nepal Eathquake killed many people and injured thousands. So, the government assinged hospitals to provide free tickets and treatements.
When the tickets will be fixed than the organization  will face problems. This will be pain in a** for both ticket counter and account.

So, with the help of our system user can customize various tickets, which will be managed easily.

Custom Charity:

Billing and Ticketing system should provide an interface to create a custom charity. Therefore, our billing systems will provide an interface to create various charity.

Billing Schemes:

Every organization or hospitals provide various schemes for various services they provide. In the same way, our Billing and TIcketing system has a facility to make various billing schemes. To create billing scheme, the developers are not necessary.
And this custom billing system will be applied for custom services as well.

Document Numbering:

The document number is another outstanding feature of our billing and ticketing system. Here, a user can create a variable length of ticket number, their custom suffix and prefix as well.

Manage Doctors:

The user of billing and ticketing can assign an employee of a hospital/organization as a doctor as well. Various tickets have doctors assigned to them and their details can be managed from the system as well.

However, the user is limited to only doctors but not a doctor.

To manage employees, the organization will be provided with a small Human Resource Managemen System for free.

Departments and CheckUp Rooms:

Well, every hospital or organization have various departments and checkup rooms. So, our systems also have an interface to create various departments and their checkup rooms respectively.

Custom Income Heads:

Also, we know that every hospital or clinic charges us money for various services. And these services come under various income heads.

For example: All kinds of X-Ray comes under income head X-Ray. Similalry, for tickets, bills, and services. For lab tests and results, particular services falls under lab income head.

Therefore, billing system of Softech Infosys was designed to manage all these kinds of income heads. The organization will be able to make custom income heads and generate reports respectively.

Filterable Reports:

At the same time, we know that reports are essential for the organization. Hospitals need a report on daily tickets and invoices. They also need reports of cancelled invoices. And these results should be filtered on the basis of date, patient, invoice and followup.

Similarly, Billing System of Softech Infosys provides the organization that generates various kind of reports based on date, month, tickets, patient name, age group, sex and many more.

These kinds of reports will also help in data analysis and the particular organization will be able to manipulate service specifically.

Re-Print Invoices and Tickets:

Some technical problems in the printer may disturb user to print ticket and invoices and the particular time. Therefore, to overcome this, the system will help a user to reprint tickets and invoices respectively.


Our Clients:

Many hospitals in Nepal use our billing and ticketing system to manage their patients and tickets. These hospitals have been using this software for a long time.

Dhaulagiri Zonal Hospital, Baglung
Bheri Zonal Hospital, Nepalganj, Banke
District Health Office Gorkha
Tikapur Hospital, Tikapur, Kailali
District Health office, Tansen, Palpa
Seti Zonal Hospital, Dhangadhi, Kailali
Sukraraj tropical Hospital, Teku, Kathmandu.


Technology Used in Billing and Ticketing System:

Moreover, by using various tools and frameworks, billing and ticketing systems was built. In the same manner, we have used some programming language like C#. Various front-end and back-end tools make up this system.

Front End Tools:

Back End Tools:

  • C# as a primary programming language
  • SQL Server for a database server
  • Entity Framework and Automapper  for data manipulation



Billing and Ticketing of our company provide an interface to manage custom tickets. It also helps to create custom invoices, charity, billing scheme, departments, check-up rooms, income heads and many more. Also, it consists of filterable reports for tickets, income heads, invoices and for cancel invoices as well. As a matter of fact, our system was fast and available for both web and desktop for our clients.

Contact Softech Infosys for more details and subscription.


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