Software Development Process

Well, software development being a vital part of Information Technology, there are various things to consider before developing any kind of software.

We should understand the problem, analyze and plan accordingly, design and finally develop software. However, software undergoes maintenance, testing and finally be ready to use.

Similarly, Softech also follows the same process in order to develop both web application and software.

So, software development process goes on with a chain. Steps to formulate software or any application we should consider following steps.

Planning/Blue Print

Development of Software is meaningless without the perfect plan & calculation of the strengths and weaknesses of the project. As a developer, one must first have to understand what challenges you might face throughout the entire process and then create a realistic plan and blueprint of the software that has no obstacles.


This step is about analyzing the performance of the software at various stages that involve scrutinizing whether your project is feasible or not and making notes on additional requirements.

This process directs the developer towards the next steps of SD (Software Development).


Designing the software

Software design is very important part of any kind of software development. In this phase, we design the layout of the software and also its looks and components design as well. This design acts as a base for next phase. In this phase, possible flaws of the project will be removed. Also, a standard for the software will be maintained. So, that developer sticks to it.

Development & Implementation

The actual work starts here i.e. codding. Developer transforms the design of software into codes. After development, the implementation stage comes where the product goes through evaluation, implementation & study to see if it’s functioning properly.


Once developer develops the software, it undergoes several testing phases that determine whether the product is working as per original specifications or not.

This process as a beta phase.  It involves client interaction with the software, in order to get valuable customer feedback.

The bugs or glitches experienced during this phase will be fixed.


With the same principle, if the software passes through all the stages without any flaws. It will go through a maintenance process where the software passes through all the stages without any issues.